Softhands Business Card and References Factors-Criteria
Softhands Business Card and References Process Factors-Criteria Request Form

Softhands Consulting, LLC provides
                            creative, flexible, secure web site design solutions.
E-commerce is featured enabling credit card acceptance, with or without a store front, catalog, or shopping cart on secure servers with well known merchant gateways. For clients who are tired of standard packages, Softhands can provide the business experience and programming talent to move your ideas from the drawing board to actuality.
As your consultant, designer, programmer, and writer, we provide a full range of Internet services. As your business analyst, we join our years of business experience to your knowledge of your specific business to develop your business plans and launch them.
The first step is a statement of your project goals and the time schedule you are on for completion, descriptions of what you want done and any specific requirements.
Our response can then be a written estimate of what it will take to accomplish your goals, based on your statement, and an estimate of cost.

What to include in the statement:

   Company name, 
   Your name,
   Contact phone number.

Project Goal: What is it you want to do?

Project Statement:

  • What should this proposal address - scope of work, constraints such as time schedule, budget, environment.
  • For existing web sites, please provide current domain name and improvement needs that you require.
  • For maintenance of web sites, please provide domain name, prior maintainer contact (if any), and ISP contact.

Success Criteria:

  • How will you know that you have reached your goal.
  • What are the business and project factors and related success criteria that need to be met to complete this project?


    Describe the design that you are seeking, what is the look and feel of the web site?
  • What functions do you want the web site to provide? What additions are required to existing functions? What new features or formats are needed?
  • If there are others working on the project, how will the work be divided? What parts are exclusive, collaborative, or to be provided by you for this project?
  • What are the priorities among the requirements?

Send us an idea of how we can help you and we'll be happy to assist.

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